VYV Smelling Salts 2.0 Ammonia Inhalant | Stronger Formula


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    • BEST SCENTED & APPROACHABLE SMELLING SALTS: VYV is the most approachable smelling salt infused with mint essential oil providing instant wakefulness and a mental reset, making it appealing to anyone looking to stay alert, focused and reach peak performance
    • THE VYV 2.0 DIFFERENCE: VYV 2.0’s enhanced formula and packaging produces a stronger smelling salt, no rocking, and a longer shelf life. It maintains the original VYV’s key differentiators: pocket-size, reusable, and squeezable, with a mint scent, making VYV smelling salts the most convenient and appealing ammonia inhalant on the market
    • SEIZE YOUR MOMENT: Don’t settle for mediocrity, VYV helps you perform your best whether you’re hitting a new PR, scoring a game winning goal, making a game saving tackle, tearing up the dance floor, or acing a final exam
    • TRUSTED BY ATHLETES AND STUDENTS: Never leave home without it. The preferred pick me up of athletes, hockey players, football players, gym enthusiasts, weightlifters, fitness experts, frat guys, late night partiers, edm ravers, and college students
    • DITCH COFFEE & ENERGY DRINKS: Looking for a coffee alternative or energy drink replacement? VYV ammonia inhalants is a caffeine alternative and a convenient way to instantly wake you up and help you stay awake without the jitters, sleepless nights and lasting effects of caffeine


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